Exceptional European Car Companies

Staying in the United States most people grow up not learning much about other countries. We buy a car and do not really think about where they were constructed unless they were luxury cars. Europe produces some very good cars and some of the best are not by organizations people would think of.

When folks think of European cars, they think of the luxurious brands like BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce. But there are actually three companies that make great economical cars. This article goes European to take a look at Volvo, Volkswagen, and also Audi.


It is remarkable to think of a country of just nine million people, having a single car maker, but to have two is unthinkable. Sweden is that particular nation containing both Volvo and Saab. Volvo, which happens to be owned by Ford Motor Company, has had the largest influence on the car industry. Their cars were regarded as the safest automobiles in the entire industry in a time safety standards were low. Volvo created safety features that most cars these days have like front end crumple zones and reinforced roofs. They started to be well known for generating top quality and ultra safe vehicles. It was as a consequence of Volvo’s desire for excellence that boosted the safety standards of cars throughout the world.


There is a car that everyone knows about, even if they don’t know its history, and that is the Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle was produced to be the first people’s car, and it was first developed in the 1930s in Germany. Right after World War II, it had become the most popular and one of the top selling cars of all time. The Beetle made it possible for people from every walk of life to have a car. No matter if you were a farmer, beatnik, college student or consultant, you can easily get a Beetle. The Beetle finished its run in the United States in the 1970’s but continued to be manufactured in Mexico up until the early 2000’s.


Long ago, Audi released the first all-wheel drive Quattro and this was considered a great advancement in technology. Audi threw down the gauntlet, and let the auto world know that Quattro was now the standard to judge all luxury sedans from then on. Audi was way in advance of their competition because of their Quattro systems. Their traction and road handling was so far advanced in comparison to the competition, that the cars were not allowed in certain racing competitions.

There you have a tiny amount of the history of three automobile companies from Europe that were exceptional. But if you truly ponder about what they did for the auto industry, the more accurate word is extraordinary.

Maintaining Car Batteries

Was there actually a time when your car required jumpstarting, and your battery was barely visible through all the gunk? That kind of gunk that goes all over the battery is actually corrosion formed by acid condensation. You can easily clean this by using a simple chemical solution. Something as simple as baking soda may easily clean the battery acid. Maintaining your battery is not very difficult to carry out but you should take necessary precautions.

Safety First

First off, you need to have the tools which you can get easily in the house. The basic tools you need are a pair of safety glasses to shield your eyes, adjustable pliers and a screwdriver with insulated handles, a stiff bristled brush, and the key component, baking soda. Other items you need includes a metal or plastic scraper, box or open-end wrenches, cleaning brushes for the battery terminal, and either a turkey baster or small funnel. You should also have some sponges, spray-type household cleaner, rubber gloves in addition to a bucket of clean water. All this will ensure a safe cleaning of this battery.

A few of the corrosive build up have sulfuric acid, so it is a wise idea to use the safety glasses to protect your eyes, and the rubber gloves for your hands. Be mindful never to get the deposits on the car since it will probably damage the car’s paint job. Determined by how corroded the battery might be, the amount of cleaning that is needed will be different. In order to fully eliminate the dirt and corrosion, you will need to take the battery out of the vehicle. For your first cleaning, you utilize the scraper and the bristle brush to remove as much of the dirt and corrosion as you can.

DIY Cleaning Solution

Next step is to combine one tablespoon of baking soda with a pint of water and administer the solution to the battery and the cable connection using the funnel or turkey baster. Then you’re able to use the bristle brush to loosen and remove the build up from the battery and you want to remove the cables so that cleaning will be easier. You’ll be able to take away the cables, beginning with negative first then positive, using the pliers and wrenches. For any other components of the battery, use the brush to remove the deposits then flush with the baking soda solution.

So now use the liquid cleaner inside the spray bottle, and a sponge to get rid of the remaining dirt and grease. Dry everything off by using a thoroughly clean cloth and reassemble everything the way you took it apart, reconnecting the positive first. Double check things are all secure and you finally have a clean, safe battery.

Is Your Car Winter Ready?

Be Ready On Time

You might need to do some extra prepping for your car so it is ready for the winter months. Winter season can bring concerns for your vehicle, that happen to be considerably different, especially where the winter is severe. Newer cars may not have so many issues, but you still want to be prepared. It might save you quite a bit of investment if you go along with some basic tips.

For Fuel Economy

Tire pressure is important to monitor always, but in the winter tires get deflated due to the cold. You’ll get better fuel economy when your tire has the perfect pressure, and it will give you a less chance of getting a flat tire. Be sure that your gas tank is actually over a quarter full. For older cars or trucks, this will prevent the gas lines from freezing but it doesn’t apply to newer vehicles. It is best to hold enough gasoline in the tank, in case you become stranded. Coupled with that, you should carry an emergency kit, which has cold weather gear such as gloves and hats. It needs to also include some tools, flashlight, flares and jumper cables.

Check the Cooling System

Considering that some fluids will likely be affected by the cold, be sure that you have all of them examined before winter hits. If you reside in an area that goes below freezing, you will need to make sure your cooling system is in check. Generally the majority of the expensive engine breakdowns come from cooling system failures. Examine the antifreeze level on a regular basis throughout the winter. At the same time keep your windshield washer fluid with a liquid that will not freeze. In case your battery is getting a bit old, you may want to have it looked at before it becomes an issue during the winter. Get rid of any corrosion on your battery terminals, or your car might not start. The life-span of a battery is shortened with extreme cold weather. To get added protection, make sure those jumper cables stay in your vehicle at all times.

Get an oil Change

Your automobile might not be quite ready for an oil change, but do it anyway. In the event your vehicle is older, use a lighter weight oil, since it will keep the parts lubricated during the winter. More recent cars now use lighter oil making it not an issue. You may even want to upgrade your wiper blades for the winter as well. All of these new blades can keep your windshield cleaner with the ice and slush, and clean windows are important. You will want excellent traction in the winter months, so get your snow tires on. Anyway, invest in the right all-season radial tires.

You should definitely get all of this done before the winter weather hits. If you are not thorough, you may find yourself in a ton of trouble in the thick of winter. You should beat the rush, which will happen every year.